Magento platform performs a great variety of features that will satisfy high demands of any customer starting from basic webshop and with no limitations for huge, deeply integrated systems. Magento has great capabilites for customizations and building any functionalities above core, that gives possibility to ccreate outstanding eCommerce systems.

Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source platform and can be downloaded for free. Since this is open source software, developers can modify the source code and add features and functionality by creating or installing add-ons and plug-ins as per your business requirement.

Easier Site Management

Magento has the feature of handling multiple stores. You can even operate stores on multiple websites; Magento helps you to manage them from one admin panel. All the sales and customers can be managed from a single database.

Scalable Platform

Magento can be molded into whatever you want it to be. You have a small business or large enterprise; it can adapt your small business requirement or your complicated and sophisticated requirements. Magento is highly scalable and flexible that can be customized to serve any business model. Store Owners can expand the platform up to their anticipation provided that they work with a Magento expert team.


Why Magento is Best CMS?

Simple Admin Interface

Magento’s user interface is very easy and simple to understand. Magento administrator panel is very handy and friendly so that there is no need of any extra programming knowledge or anything. Any new user can login to the administrator panel and can view and access all the features that is provided by the Magento.

Secure (No Direct Access)

Magento provides such facility that user can not access any directory by giving just a URL on address bar. So all our data in Magento are very secure and no one can access directly from the address bar.

User Roles & Groups

Magento provides lot’s of user roles like Register user, author and many more. Magento provides the facility of the making a user groups. With using a user group functionality user can make different kind of user groups and make their user filter via this user groups. There are various user groups types available like Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher etc.

Extension’s Library

Extension’s are the ready-made functionality which is acquire by just installing them. Magento provides thousand’s of ready-made extension’s which can helps you to fulfill your requirement and functionality easily and in a very quick Time. You can extend Magento’s functionality by using different kind of extensions.

Add-On/Extension Development

Add-ons and Extensions can be a great way to extend the current functionality of your plugin, because they fit well in the WordPress architecture.

Customization Services

Do you have a problem with the current functionality of a plugin on your site? Don’t worry, we can customize it according to your business needs.

Magento Development @ Jainit

Magento website and portal development

If you think you're ready to migrate your site to Magento!, we can do it for you. Do you want a new site? We can develop a site from scratch. If you need some fine tuning, we can help you too.

The fastest and the most affordable way to create a simple web site on Magento! is to use any ready-to-use JoomPlace’s components. You just need to download or buy it. If you feel not sure how to tune them, we can do it for a fair fee. We can make a template too. You will get a fully functional professional website with documentation for reference. 6 months standard warranty is provided for the developed website. Contact us to get know more!

Magento component development

If you think your Magento website has everything but ... we can develop a custom Magento! component for you. You are welcome to browse our existing extensions. Try them and maybe you'll find a ready solution. We have made a lot of Magento! add-ons: blog, survey, online flipping magazine, JomSocial plugins, testimonials and comparison chart, site management solutions and many others. See here the list. If you don’t find a tool you need, contact us and we will make it for you.

Customization services-Magento support and maintenance

Worried that a plugin has too many settings or is tedious to set-up? We’ve got your back there! Talk to us for assistance with setting up your e-store, LMS, etc.

This is the most delicious service for all Magento! website owners since now you can get professional support from Magento! experts at fair price. Our maintenance offer is very flexible and transparent. You can order a Magento! installation, component fine tuning, system backup and monitoring, trouble shooting of system update – anything. And you pay only for the ordered services – no strings attached, no mysterious additional fees. This is very advantageous for Magento! beginners too. See all the details here.