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Jainit’s Reality Software specializes in custom software development and develops high quality customer relationship management software. Since it is possible that CRM software will run an entire business, we believe that this is not the place for "one size fits all" solutions and use individual approach in our work. The CRM software developed with us will have the following advantages:


Scalability the ability to be used on a large scale, and to be reliably expanded to whatever scale is necessary.


Functionality automates most needs of marketing, sales and support from prospect and client contact tools and opportunities management to billing history and bulk email solutions.


Security data encryption to ensure customer privacy by protecting its information from being stolen or abused.


Usability user-friendly interface.


Developing Totally Automated CRM and Portals

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CRM Development Solutions @ Jainit

Some of the Benefits of using a Customer Relationship Management System

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system which aims at improving the relationship with existing customers, finding new prospective customers, and winning back former customers. This system can be brought into effect with software which helps in collecting, organizing, and managing the customer information. Implementing a CRM strategy is advantageous to both small-scale and large-scale business ventures. If you want to find out what are the benefits of using CRM for your business, then read further to know the key points.

  • Improved customer relations
  • Increase customer revenues
  • Maximize up selling and cross selling
  • Better internal communication
  • Optimize marketing

Developing Totally Automated CRM and Portals

Strategy based on metrics derived from research and analytics

Conceptualization, design and implementation of unique, attractive, well designed storefronts incorporating a wealth of applications, features and functions that enhance end user experience and make it easy for you to manage your enterprise.

  • Broad cross-industry experience, which allows us to quickly understand and optimise your business process
  • Strong focus on business requirements and ROI Extensive project management experience and an eye for details
  • Experienced Web application development team with knowledge of latest technologies
  • Well-defined development methodologies for timely delivery, budget control and overall success
  • Easy adaptability of custom Web applications so that you can quickly respond to changing business conditions