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Below is a discussion centered around Jainit Solutions' philosophy or vision of how smooth software development should work. For a more technical explanation of our standard operating procedures, check out our How the Process Works link. Large projects do require documentation. Specifications are a must, and the more detail the better. Small projects require very little documentation, and depending on the situation, specifications can simply be a couple of paragraphs in the contract if the desired software is a single report, or a simple tool.

Cloud Application Development

We specialize in web application development for Cloud and Cloud Migration. Our team will help deploy your web products to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).Implementing new technologies means always being one step ahead. Cloud computing is persistently gaining popularity, and there are solid reasons for that.

Web And Desktop Application Development

Business application development is our core competence. Our Microsoft certified developers will handle your entire project lifecycle: from requirements analysis to QA and server deployment.

Web And User Interface Design Development

Great user experience is critical to a success of any project whether it's a web-site or a business software. Our UI team will create professionally looking, mobile friendly, responsive design for you.


We are having our main expertise in Custom Business development

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Custom Business Development @ Jainit

Custom Business Development Solutions

Jainit InfoSoft believes that the relationship we have with the client is the most important factor to providing a successful solution for the business software needs. We provide customized solutions, not off-the-shelf products. We dig deep into the foundations of your business to understand what makes it tick. Equipped with that important perspective, we can provide the solution that is perfect you. No two businesses are alike. Why would everyone want the exact same software?

We think of our clients as our friends. Behind the organization there are people, and those people have families and their success depends on us, and we take that responsibility seriously. We also realize that clients have different needs and different comfort levels. So whether your business needs constant attention, or whether Jainit InfoSoft is needed for nothing more than to "put out a fire", we welcome any opportunity to serve you.

Typical e-commerce solution workflow includes:

Strategy based on metrics derived from research and analytics

Conceptualization, design and implementation of unique, attractive, well designed storefronts incorporating a wealth of applications, features and functions that enhance end user experience and make it easy for you to manage your enterprise.

Assist in online marketing through the finest SEO tools and create outstanding visibility in a crowded marketplace.

Create subsystems to manage customers, manage data, manage inventories and manage payments, all of them dovetailing into an existing financial or any backend software solution.

SEO and SEA Services

hese are two of the most important aspects of E-Commerce Solutions for which it is used widely. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEA means Search Engine Advertising. First is used to enhance the traffic on your website.