Software Testing & QA

At Jainit, we understand that software is at the core of almost any business activity, whether it is an e-commerce application, a document management system, an accounting system or any architecture that integrates this. The reliability of the software is critical to all the top line and bottom line business activities. Thus testing forms a very important function in the life cycle of software development in order to increase its market sale ability. Jainit Infosoft helps its client to achieve that competitive edge by increasing the reliability of the software.

Jainit offers a combination of people and processes to assure timely and thorough service delivery. While working in a structured environment, we follow demanding testing procedures & standards.
Our team works closely with its client's design and development teams and defines an effective test strategy, using a combination of manual and automated testing methods, which covers black-box and white-box testing.
We define our processes in order to derive the most from our deep investments in infrastructure as well as a vast pool of trained manpower. This helps us to offer a full range of QA and Testing services. We tailor our service delivery capabilities to meet the unique needs of each and every customer. We focus on delivering Measurable Value to our clients.

Product Quality Management

As consumer demands and expectations out of software products keep increasing by the day, the difference between success and failure of your product is often based on it overall quality and the experience a user has with it. With high profile cases of numerous programs and apps brought out by leading publishers facing the wrath of its users on account of bugs and poorly designed product features, the need to focus on managing the overall quality aspects through rigorous product quality assurance testing is imperative.

Any development activity has elements of risk associated with it. It can range from costs associated with fixing errors and releasing patches to nightmarish scenarios where the product fails to gain traction owing to inherent flaws. Our product quality assurance testing services are primed to mitigate such risks during the development process through the use of preemptive quality management techniques to avoid defects and thus avoid rework. Further with the help of robust quality management framework we keep and eye on each stage of the delivery and development process and ensure the best practices are adhered to.
In a hyper connected world the prevalence of mobile application and cloud based solutions are growing with each passing day. Further the time to market in case of mobile applications is significantly low and it raises the potential of quality issues. Our mobile product quality testing services takes a holistic picture of the specific testing needs associated with such application and tests them on several relevant parameters. From engaging in compatibility testing (platforms and devices) to security and network testing our product quality testing services offer you the full breadth of quality assurance that you can conceive off. We incidentally make it a point to involve all the stakeholders while devising the product quality assurance testing framework and even engage in end user focus group studies. Further we can also help you to meet quality norms specified by app marketplaces for including of your mobile application and ensuring an easy approval.
In addition we also offer cutting edge product quality assurance testing services tailored for agile development, SAS applications and even big data and BI applications. We have at out disposal an enviable pool of highly trained professionals who can enforce quality parameters under myriad scenarios and development processes.
• From Startups to small industries We have worked with all and have a testing methodologies that suits you best
• We engage with you on an outcome based models to give you a better control on engagement and help you quantify ROI
• Pragmatic use of technology like no one else to help you cut down cost and release product faster
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