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PHP is a great option for many reasons, so if you’re interviewing a company throwing around the PHP slag, here are some reasons why the language may be right for you or your project:

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Fast Load Time

PHP results in faster site loading speeds. PHP codes runs much faster than ASP because it runs in its own memory space while ASP uses an overhead server and a COM based architecture.

Less Expensive Software

In working with PHP, most tools associated with the program are open source software, such as WordPress, so you need not pay for them. As for ASP, you might need to buy additional tools to work with its programs.

Less Expensive Hosting

ASP programs need to run on Windows servers with IIS installed. Hosting companies need to purchase both of these components in order for ASP to work, this often results in a more expensive cost for monthly hosting services. On the other hand, a PHP would only require running on a Linux server, which is available through a hosting provider at no additional cost.

Keeping up-to-date

We understand that any business or company which doesn’t keep up with the changing times and buying patterns of the customer may not be able to provide the required user experience and incur loss. That’s why our services are always up to date!

Database Flexibility

PHP is flexible for database connectivity. It can connect to several databases the most commonly used is the MySQL. MySQL can be used for free. If ASP is used, MS-SQL, a Microsoft product must be purchased.

Increased Programming Talent

PHP is used more often creating a larger pool of talent to choose from for modifications and building and lowering the cost per hour for those services. And making it easier to find someone to update your site in the future if you choose to hire a staff member for the task or work with an alternate provider than the one who built your site.

The fastest growing technology in the world of web development is PHP.

Why it is popular?

It is an open source language so you do not need to buy any license or copy to install PHP on your machine. The second reason is that the PHP community is very vast and solution for any technical problem can be found on internet, forum or blog.

Is it secured?

Yes, PHP is very much secured and is keep releasing the latest version and updates for the PHP for latest security updates and bugs being removed?

What about the database?

Although it can work with any DBMS but it performs best with MySql and most codes are developed considering MySql in mind.

What is latest update?

Currently PHP 5 is very popular, however version 6 is launched too and soon the stable version will come. In PHP 5, few functions are marked with warning. The warning is that, they will deprecated in version


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